Wine Wednesday: Fruits and Wine

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It seems Rosés are becoming more and more popular and they definitely make for a refreshing spring or summertime wine (or anytime!). Fruits and Wine, France’s #1 aromatized wine has launched 3 unique blends of Rose Wine and real fruit juice.


 Produced by Moncigale in France, Fruits and Wine is a line of refreshing wine beverages. Slightly alcoholic (7% alc./vol.) they combine the delicacy of real fruit juice with the freshness of wine. Fresh, fruity, delicious, tangy…something for everyone. Moncigale is situated in the heart of three emblematic wineries of southern France – Provence, Languedoc-Russillon and the Rhône Valle.


GRAPEFRUIT ROSÉ WINE: A succulent blend of rosé wine and grapefruit juice that delivers its sweet and tart notes.

CHERRY ROSÉ WINE: A delicious blend of rosé wine and cherry juice that delivers natural and delicately sweet notes.

STRAWBERRY ROSÉ WINE: A luscious blend of rosé wine and strawberry juice that offers sweet and refreshing notes.


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