Wine Wednesday: Tiamo Organic Wine In A Can!

We’ve all seen wine in a box and we know it’s gotten a bad wrap and is making somewhat of a comeback as of late with better wine being in these boxes. I’ve also run into champagne in a can and was pleasantly surprised by how good it was. Now, I’m being introduced by WineSellers Ltd to wine in a can…and not just any wine; Rosé and White wine.

This week I’m going to tell you all about the Rosé and next week we’ll dive into the White wine option. I brought my canned wine to the beach because it was a perfect photo op but I think that wine on the beach is absolute must! First I want to talk about the amazing color of this wine. It’s a deep pink coral color that is totally stunning. It has a slight effervescence to it and you can see tiny bubbles along the glass.

I’m not completely sure I can say I had any expectation of what this wine might taste like. I hoped it would be good because how much fun would it be to find a good Rosé in a can?! My thoughts??? Go out and get yourself a 4 pack because it’s good!!!! It’s not too flowery, but has hints of strawberry and has the perfect crispness without being overly dry. 

Team is a line of superb, organically grown wines from Italy. They search far and wide for top vineyards in notable Italian regions, allowing them to produce wines with unique character and style true to their origin.

A 4-pack retails for $19.99, or $4.99/can. It’s roughly two bottles of wine for $20 and that’s a deal! I’ll definitely be enjoying more Tiamo Rosé in a can in the near future!

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