Thirsty Thursday: Dunkertons Cider

I have to be honest…the only cider I’ve ever tried was Martinelli’s Apple Cider. We have some good friends from the UK who always have cider but I never thought to try it. I’ve always stuck to my wine. On top of never trying it, I had no idea there were different types as well! Winesellers, Ltd introduced me to Dunkertons Organic Cider and I got to try their 3 varieties, Black Box Cider, Perry, and Dry Cider.

First up was the Perry Cider…this reminded me of a regular apple cider but with a hint of pear. It was so good! It’s not super bubbly like a traditional apple cider, but has the perfect amount of effervescence to make it enjoyable. I loved the pear and apple flavors that played off each other. The pears are Perry pears and some of the trees they are harvested from are over 300 years old. It is a golden color and slightly hazy. From the Cider Maker, ” The taste is buttery and biscuity with notes of peaches plus a touch of farmyard. A creamy mouthfeel with a good balance between initial sweetness and the dryness of the finish.”

My next cider to try was the Black Fox Cider. This is a cloudier cider and tastes unfiltered. It wasn’t my favorite simply because of the unfiltered taste, but my friend, Sarah enjoyed it very much! The name comes from the lush rolling countryside of North West Herefordshire where stories tell of an animal which has evaded capture by farmer and huntsman alike; a Black Fox. From the Cider Maker; “Fragrant notes of apple pie fillings and honey aromas. This is deliciously robust with a mouth full of lively sweet and sour flavors of green apples, honeycomb and fresh lemon.”

Last, but certainly not least, I tried the Dry Cider which is a drier, crispier blended cider. It’s sharp, crisp and to the point…I loved it! It felt light enough to enjoy without weighing you down like a beer normally does. From the Cider Marker, “moderately strong aromas of cotton candy, toffee, bubblegum and hints of a farmhouse/blue cheese character to ground it. Flavors bring tannins from the bittersweet to the fore with freshly picked apples, honey and wisps of smoke playing a strong support.” Don’t let that description fool you…cotton candy and blue cheese don’t sound too enticing, do they? It doesn’t taste like a wedge salad at the county fair by any means! It’s good stuff, I promise!

If you haven’t tried a cider, these are some great ones to test your tastebuds on!


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