Tipsy Tuesday: Ay Papi – Champagne Poppy by Ron Barceló for New Year’s Eve Festivities

This New Year’s Eve, Ron Barceló is poppin’ bottles to deliver a literal twist on the choice spirit of the season with its new cocktail,Champagne Poppy

Perfect for a glamorous bash or a laidback soiree, the festive cocktail combines the Dominican Ron Barceló Imperial, grand poppy liqueur, and champagne garnished with orange twist, to end 2017 on a bubbly note. Need a champagne recommendation? I’d definitely use ONEHOPE‘s Sparkling Brut to make this the perfect cocktail! 

Champagne Poppy
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  1. Champagne Poppy
  2. .5 oz Ron Barceló Imperial
  3. .5 oz grand poppy liqueur
  4. 4 oz ONEHOPE Sparkling Brut
  1. Place one bitters soaked sugar cube in a champagne flute.
  2. Stir all ingredients over ice and strain in champagne flute.
  3. Garnish with orange twist.

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