ONEHOPE Wine Winemakers

I have a spiel when I introduce ONEHOPE Wine to people and it includes words like “award winning,” “donation of profits,” and of course “Rob Mondavi, Jr.” Recently, I’ve had questions about where our wine comes from and how could it possibly compare to some of the other wines that they already drink…wines like Cakebread and Caymus. 

Surprise! Surprise! ONEHOPE Wine comes from our own vineyard in Napa. Yes, Rob Mondavi, Jr is one of our winemakers and collaborators, but we have two other winemakers who are well-known and might just make you pick up the phone to call me and get an order in! Did you know that Tony Coltrin and Oscar Rentaria are also ONEHOPE Winemakers? 

The ONEHOPE Vineyard is located in what’s commonly referred to as the Rutherford Bench amongst an American Viticultural Area named Rutherford, nestled in the heart of Napa Valley. The property is located amongst many of th most Iconic brands in the world including: Robert Mondavi, Opus One, Staglin and Cakebread. The well drained soil on our property consists of gravel, loam and sand with volcanic deposits, making it a perfect location for our 3 blocks of Cabernet Sauvignon and 2 blocks of Sauvignon Blanc growing on the property. Oscar Renteria, whose family celebrates a rich tradition of vineyard management and winemaking, will be tending to, and improving the Cabernet and Sauvignon Blanc blocks that were planted in 2007. Renter currently manages over 1,800 acres for 27 wineries.

As the son of Michael and Isabel Mondavi, Rob’s enthusiasm for wine took root more than 30 years ago. Growing up in Napa Valley, Rob’s earliest memories are of playing among the vines and barrels at Robert Mondavi Winery. Prior to attending the University of Santa Clara, Mondavi held a variety of positions in the family’s company. The first job he held was under Tony Coltrin where he learned all that a 12 year old could!

As a child growing up in St. Helena, Tony Colton worked and played in the vineyards. As he grew a little older, the grandfather of one of his closest friends took him under his wing and became his winemaking Mentor, it was this grandfather figure who suggested Tony work a harvest in a Winery so that they could share winemaking not only in the vineyard but in the winery also. It was Robert Mondavi Winery that Tony first started at. Coltrin is recognized for his winemaking efforts on the first vintages of Opus One as well as Robert Mondavi’s Fume Blanc.

Oscar Renteria is the CEO of Renter Vineyards, one of the most respected Vineyard Management companies in the United States. Oscar joined Renteria in 1989 after graduating from St. Mary’s College and in 1993 assumed proprietorship of Renteria where he worked in close collaboration with Rombauer, Frank Family Vineyards and the Michael Mondavi Family Estate. 

Ok my friends…now you know all the details on who is behind this impact-making wine that I keep raving about. What’s stopping you from buying some and hosting a wine tasting with your friends? You won’t regret it…I promise! 

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