Tipsy Tuesday: Ron Barceló Holiday Gift Exclusive

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This holiday season, hold the turtle doves and the partridge in a pear tree and gift the imbiber in your life an exclusively unique gift – the very limited edition Ron Barceló Imperial Premium Blend 30 Aniversario.

Retailing for $120 per 750ml bottle, only 600 are allocated to the United States of the 9,000 bottles of the Imperial Premium Blend that are bottled annually.

Available once a year, each bottle is hand-numbered with an engraved horse shoe shaped wooden display pedestal and comes in an embossed collectable tin, making it a very desirable addition to any serious rum enthusiast’s collection.

Set aside for additional aging in barrels made from selected cuts of French white oak previously used for aging highly prestigious Bordeaux wines, the intense amber color of the rum in each bottle is achieved during this extensive aging process. The aroma is rich and involving with hints of dried fruits, vanilla and caramel coated chocolate. The taste is that of an exquisitely aged rum with notes of mocha, melted toffee, spiced nuts and crème brulee. 

The Imperial Premium Blend 30 Aniversario is 43% alcohol by volume and can be found in select stores across the nation.

Tipsy Tuesday: National Rum Day August 16th

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Ron Barceló razzle dazzles imbibers with its new vibrant tasting cocktail Bright Lights, Big City in honor of National Rum Day on Wednesday, August 16!

Worldly and succinct in presentation, the drink’s blend of Ron Barceló Platinum, lime juice, pineapple, simple syrup and passion fruit purée creates a tasty Caribbean extravaganza with the perfect balance of sweet and sour.

Bright Lights Big City
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  1. 1.5 ounces Barceló Platinum
  2. .75 lime juice
  3. .25 pineapple
  4. .5 simple syrup
  5. .25 passion fruit purée
  6. Pinch salt
  7. Thin pineapple wheel
  1. Rocks glass
  2. Line glass with half-moon pine slice add ice
  3. Shake and strain over and ice
  4. Garnish: Thin pineapple wheel

Fashion: LuLaRoe Announces 8 New Styles

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Over the weekend I attended the LuLaRoe convention in Anaheim. I’ve never seen so much LuLa in my entire life and different ways to wear it, pattern mix, and layer. After rocking out to Ziggy Marley on Huntington Beach, I met a ton of fabulous ladies who are retailers and was able to learn so much from them. There were motivational speakers, community classes and a fashion show! I watched how an Irma was made and the sewing process that is used. 

The highly anticipated announcement was what the new 8 styles would be and exciting is an understatement. I’m so excited to receive these new styles and try them on! The new styles are Gigi, Lynnae, Sariah, Shirley, TC2, Harvey, Jaxon and Kids Monroe.

The Gigi is LuLaRoe’s first fitted top. It features elbow-length sleeves and a classic, high rounded neckline. Its fitted silhouette makes the Gigi a great base for layering – in any season – and is flattering when paired with full skirts and bottoms. Like most classics, it’s simple and versatile and is sure to excite any outfit. It will retail for $35.

With its long sleeves, the LuLaRoe Lynnae is basically your favorite summertime top all warmed up for colder temps. Boasting a high low hemline, flirty scoop neck, and hourglass tailoring – it is sure to flatter all. Pair it with any of LuLaRoe’s skirts or leggings to create a fresh look, guaranteed to leave you obsessed! It will retail for $38.

For the days when your little one wants to be stylish and cozy, they’ll be so happy to have the LuLaRoe Sariah, a sweater knit cardigan that is as comfortable as it is adorable. Patterned after the Sarah cardigan, the Sariah is the smaller version designed for the LuLaRoe kids line. Lightweight and warm, the Sariah is sure to become your kids’ go to piece for colder days. It will retail for $35.

In a word, the LuLaRoe Shirley kimono can only be described as ethereal. Long, flowing and boasting a dreamy angel sleeve, the kimono comes in the prettiest patterned chiffons, laces, and haccis. Whether you’re poolside and wearing the Shirley over a swimsuit, or have layered it over a beautiful dress, you’re sure to be giving off those movie star vibes in it. Own it! It will retail for $48.

The TC2 leggings are those buttery soft leggings you already love but in size 18+. It will retail for $27.

Timeless, versatile and iconic: the denim jacket. The LuLaRoe Harvey jacket checks all the boxes of everyone’s favorite wardrobe staple. The Harvey follows the classic fit of a denim jacket and is custom-made from the softest twill and denim fabrics, with spandex giving it the ultimate fit and comfort for any occasion. It comes in multiple color-ways, shades, and washes with a limited number of them boasting unique embroidery. The result is an uncomplicated, simple-fit ready for work and play that pairs well with any and all of your favorite LuLaRoe pieces. This will retail for $100 and is set to be released in the coming weeks.

In another take on a fashion classic, the LuLaRoe Jaxon denim jacket runs a bit longer, falling about hip length, and is a bit more tailored to flatter bodies of all shapes and sizes. It features customer, buttery soft denim and twill fabrics that include spandex allowing for free and easy movement. The Jaxon has front pockets, and comes in multiple color-ways, shades and washes with a limited number of them boasting unique embroidery. The ultimate in comfort and on trend fashion, the Jaxon jacket adds another element of style and utility to your favorite outfits. This will retail for $100 and is set to be released in the coming weeks. 

The adult Monroe is being discontinued (Hello Shirley!) and there will be a new Kids Monroe which is similar to a bomber jacket. Stay tuned for details on that! 

Want to know more or how to get your hands on one of these new styles? Hop on over to My Simplified Style LuLaRoe! Gigi, Lynnae, and Shirley will be making their debut this week over there!

Wine Wednesday: Tiamo White Wine In A Can

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Last week I told you all about Tiamo Organic Rose in a can and promised you a review on their white wine in a can as well….if you’re a fan of Sauvignon Blanc, this is right up your alley. It’s called “white wine” but has some distinct flavorings of a sauvignon blanc. It’s actually 100% Grillo (pronounced “GREE-lo”) grapes from Sicily. 

It has a light crispness with nectar flavoring, but is not a sweet wine. There is no oak in this wine because after the grapes are pressed, fermentation takes place in temperature controlled stainless steel vats. 

It was another perfect selection enjoyed on the beach and in LuLaRoe! It would be perfect with a seafood pasta or cheese. Retailing for $19.99 for a 4 pack, this is a great choice! Winesellers Ltd always sends me in the right direction!

Foodie: Tipsy Dessert For National Tequila Day

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Who says you can’t drink your tequila and eat it too?

Villa Azur‘s Michelin Star-experienced Executive Pastry Chef Sébastien Feneyrol took the #tequila challenge to create a dessert that won’t only leave you with a sugar high but also a hint of an agave buzz with his Omelette Norvegienne – a tequila infused biscuit topped with browned meringue. 

Check out the recipe below and how you can make this at home. No need to do store bought when you can simply make this at home! It’s sure to impress and you can call yourself a “Chef”! 

Omelette Norvegienne
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Ice cream
  1. 5.30 oz lemon ice cream
  1. 3 eggs
  2. 3.20 oz sugar
  3. 3.20 oz flour
  4. Syrup
  5. 3 oz water
  6. 3.5 oz Sugar
  7. 1 oz Tequila
Meringue italienne
  1. 3 eggs white
  2. 3.50 oz sugar
  3. 0.90oz glucose
  4. 2 oz water
  1. Steps: Whisk eggs with the sugar for 2 to 3 minutes at full speed. Add in the flour slowly. Put the mix on a sheet pan and bake at 350F for 14 min.
  1. Steps: In a pan, put water and sugar to boil. Once boiling, add the tequila and continue boiling for 1 minute.
Meringue italienne
  1. Steps: Whisk the egg whites slowly in a bowl. On a pan, add water, sugar and glucose to boil to 118C. When the temperature reaches 118C, whisk the egg white at full speed and add the syrup. When the mix is cold, it is finished.
Additional steps
  1. Use an aluminum mold to make 3 pieces of the biscuit. Brush the first one with syrup and place it at the bottom of the mold, pipping the lemon ice cream on the biscuit. Repeat this process with the second and third biscuit. Take the dessert out of the aluminum mold and decorate with meringue Italian as you like.
  2. On a small pan, warm up 1oz of tequila (do not boil). Light it on fire and pour on the dessert. Bon Appétit!