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Michelle is a mom, wife, stepmom, foodie, wine lover, aviation guru, podcast pitcher (aka podcast matchmaker), producer, host and much more. She thrives on simplifying her life wherever and whenever she can and wants to share her tips and tricks with you, especially when it comes to podcasting. 

Michelle Glogovac Podcast

Michelle met her husband, Ted, 13 years ago and they’ve been married for 7 years. They have a son, Toddler D, who is 5 and a daughter, Toddler K, who is 4 (yes, they’re Irish twins!). She is also a stepmom to 2 adults, and if that’s not enough, they have a puppy named Norma Desmond Tutu! 

Michelle attended UCSB where she earned her Bachelors degree in Law and has her Masters in Law from ALU.  She loves all things law including contracts and negotiating. After an 18 year career in corporate aviation, Michelle made a complete switch by launching her business in podcasting. She fell in love with podcasts and how such a large audience can be not only reached but affected by the right ones. Michelle has found her passion in helping podcasters grow their businesses and audiences. Known as the “podcast matchmaker,” she’s creating relationships with hosts and matching them to her clients through her podcast pitching/pr. Michelle launched the My Simplified Life podcast in September 2019 and also produces 6 other podcasts.

Michelle looks forward to working with you, sharing your message and discovering new wines in the process!

For more information on all things podcasting or other inquiries, please contact Michelle.

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