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My Simplified Life

Are you letting your past define your future? Are you feeling stuck in your present and worrying about how you can make a switch in your career or personal life? We're tackling all of these quesitons and more! We're covering career switches, motherhood, work life blaance, starting your own business and what it means to be a good human.

Get ready for life lessons, stories and experiences filled with humor, reality, and inspiring takeaways.

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Do you have a podcast or are you thinking about launching one? Michelle produces & manages podcasts and is a podcast pitcher.



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Michelle is a wine lover...check out her reviews, recommendations & discover what she's pairing her favorite dishes with!

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Meet Michelle

Michelle is a wife, mom, stepmom, podcaster, producer and wine lover.

She left an 18 year corporate aviation career to find her purpose and discovered her passion in podcasting and how it literally is changing the world.

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