Wine Wednesday: Gloria Ferrer Blanc de Noirs

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Sunday was the Golden Globes and high time for cocktails in our house. Since the celebs were drinking bubbly, we figured we needed to join in as well and I’m so glad we did with our bottle of Gloria Ferrer Blanc de Noirs

This is not your average bottle of sparkling wine (champagne as we usually call it). It’s a light blush color and a bit sweeter than what you would expect. It had the perfect amount of bubbles and had a rather smooth finish. 

“Our Blanc de Noirs is predominantly made from hand-harvested Pinot Noir grapes, the hallmarks of which are a vibrant red fruit character. A portion of the Pinot Noir is left for 24 hours in contact with the grape skins, producing a light rosé color with enhanced Pinot Noir flavors of red berry, floral notes and light vanilla silkiness. Vin Gris is then added to this lightly Pinot Noir tinted blend to achieve the creamy palate and rosy hue dominant in this wine.

This blush sparkler has bright strawberry and black cherry aromas with subtle vanilla highlights. Creamy cherry, lemon and cola flavors combine with a lush palate, lively bubbles and a persistent finish.”

The description sums it up perfectly. The vanilla made it sweet, but was subtle enough not to overpower the other flavors. This bottle retails for around $23 and is perfect for a special occasion or for staying in on a Sunday evening and watching an awards show! 

Wine Wednesday: Columbia Crest H3 2014 Sauvignon Blanc

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Even though fall has officially started, it doesn’t mean you can’t still drink white wine. Last night, I put a bottle of Columbia Crest H3 2014 Sauvignon Blanc in the fridge and had a glass once the tiny humans were in bed. My mouth thanked me!


My first thoughts on this variety…fresh, slightly fruity, but not overpowering, almost has a bubbly feeling at the beginning which I enjoy, crisp with a citrus smell. After my first few sips, I immediately jotted those notes down. I now look at what the tasting notes are and apparently, I’m spot on! “Our Sauvignon Blanc opens with citrus aromas followed by a layer of minerality and pear flavors that give way to a crisp, clean finish.”


Nestled alongside the Columbia River in eastern Washington, Columbia Crest winery opened its doors in the heart of the acclaimed Horse Heaven Hills (H3) in 1983. Year after year, the winery maintains its commitment to quality, heritage and innovation in grape growing and winemaking to craft exceptional wines.


Retailing for a mere $15, $12 if you’re a club member, makes this bottle a must-buy! Don’t wait until spring or summer to discover this great find!


Wine Wednesday: DRNK Pinot Noir

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Here’s a secret about my wine reviews…I usually plan out what I’m going to drink and when for reviews. On Saturday night I didn’t do that. We were re-watching The Godfather Part 2 and I had a craving for a glass (or two) of red wine. I reached for DRNK 2013 Pinot Noir, Anderson Valley which I had planned on blogging about but not at that moment. One sip and I was having my husband pause the movie so he could try it too!


This pinot is so smooth…from the moment it first touches your tongue until your entire mouth has been able to enjoy it. There are hints of berry and a fullness from a cola flavoring. From the winemaker, “Clear, dark-cherry to crimson color. A highly aromatic initial hit of sweet cherry and herbaceous notes of green bean give way to dark raspberry, strawberry, and cola. A round soft, yet lively mouthfeel awaken the tastebuds with flavors of sarsaparilla, crispy peppered-bacon, and lingering undertones of savory graphite pencil shavings on the back end.” This bottle retails for $40, so not normally something I casually open up while watching a movie, but let me tell you…it made the movie so much better!


The wine is called DRNK and I think that alone is so much fun. You might think it’s a twist on drinking but it’s actually the initials of the family, Dale, Ryan, Nancy, and Katie. I have more varietals from DRNK that I’ll be sharing with you in the near future, so stay tuned! 

Wine Wednesday: White Oak Chardonnay

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Sunday was a dreary day in the Bay Area and we finally saw a trace of rain, but you would’t know it was cold and cloudy by the looks of this fabulous Chardonnay in my dining room. If you’re on the hunt for a Chardonnay that is full bodied with a hint of butterscotch, then look no further!


White Oak Vineyards & Winery Chardonnay is a true chardonnay in every sense; from the honeydew melon and tropical fruit flavors to the toasty oak finish. My personal preference when it comes to Chardonnay is to taste a bit of fruit and not a ton of oak. There’s a reason this variety is one of White Oak’s best sellers that they’ve been producing since the 1980’s.


This bottle retails for $26 and is truly worth every penny. You’ll want to savor every sip…as I am right now while writing this post! 

DIY: Bridal Shower

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Me, The Bride-To-Be Cindy, Sara and Tracy
Me, The Bride-To-Be Cindy, Sara and Tracy

A couple weekends ago I was the lucky guest at my girlfriend, Cindy’s bridal shower. Her friends, Rose and Christine hosted a gorgeous event at Christine’s home and I had to share some of their fabulous decorations and ideas. They mostly came from Pinterest which is where I love to get ideas for everything from cooking to bathroom remodel ideas. 


The event was a champagne brunch with delicious quiches, french toast, cheeses and croissants. There was even cake for dessert of course!


The cake was so beautiful that I can’t wait to see the wedding cake! 


The champagne area included a mimosa bar with 3 kinds of juices and if your champagne was getting a bit warm, then there were champagne ice cubes to help keep it cool (genius!). To keep the champagne cool, Rose made ice cubes filled with gorgeous flowers just for decoration. 

Mimosa Bar

My gift to the bride was four bottles of wine for four of the “firsts” the newlyweds will experience in the coming year (first wedding night, first anniversary, first dinner party, and a bottle for just because). I should have taken a picture of it in the basket I put it in…much cuter than the bottles just sitting out!


I love a great brunch. I love it even more when champagne is involved and it’s even better when you can enjoy it all with good friends! We have one last hurrah to celebrate Cindy next weekend before she gets hitched!